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Calendar of Events


A calendar of events is kept in the office.  If there are any conflicts, or questions, one needs to contact the rector of the parish. 

Use of Facilities - general


The use of the facilities are first reserved for the parish use and events of the parish, parishioners and activities associated with our mission.  We are willing to allow the facilities to be used by others in a case by case manner.  Please contact us. 

Recovery Programs


There are a number of recovery programs that meet at St. John's.  We support them and everyone who is seeking help in recovery from various addictions.  

Use of Parish Hall


We have two parish halls, one with a window to the kitchen.  The Facilities can be used with preference to non-profit groups and individuals in the community.  All events must be cleared by the office and within the availability of schedules. 

Use of Kitchen


The kitchen is available along with the parish hall. We ask that it be kept clean, and that people bring their own food and take it away what is left. 

How to contact us


For more information, please call the office at 207-354-8734 or email us at